"...And we sent Timothy, our Brother and Servant of God in the Gospel of Christ, to strengthen and comfort you in your faith..." I Thessalonians 3:2

Catechists Needed

What is a Catechist?

The official teachings of the Church are called the Catechism of the Catholic Church. A catechist is a person of faith who leads others in understanding the faith teachings according to those official teachings.

The role of the catechist is a vital ministry to the Church.  It is a gift that has tremendous value to the world community at large. Through the catechist’s word and action, the message of Christ continues to have a place in all human affairs.

What does a Catechist do?

The primary goal of a catechist is to model God’s love to others.  As a result, the primary requisite of a catechist is a love for God and a love for children.

A catechist develops a lesson plan and uses that plan to teach in the classroom.  By creating the lesson plan, the catechist ultimately designs and structures experiences for students that help them grow in their personal faith and spirituality.  The catechist passes on to students a set of shared meanings and values that are Catholic and Christian. A catechist also initiates others into the faith community, into its life, its worship, symbols and practices.

Will I receive training and support?

Catechists have the opportunity to reinvigorate their understanding of the faith.
Details coming soon.

Are there teaching and resource materials?

St. Timothy provides teaching and resource materials.
Details coming soon.

What is the time commitment?

We ask catechists to commit to teaching a class for an entire academic year. St. Timothy’s Parish School of Religion Education Program begins in September and ends at Pentecost (usually in May). Classes meet once a week.

Who is eligible to volunteer in this role?

We are so blessed to have such an active and engaged community of parents, grandparents, and friends supporting our faith formation programs through volunteering. We welcome any person of faith who wishes to lead others to grow in faith and understanding the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This role is a vital ministry to the Church. It is a gift that has tremendous value to the world community at large. Through the catechist’s word and action, the message of Christ continues to have a place in all human affairs.

For the safety and protection of our parish children, any adult who wishes to volunteer to work with children at St. Timothy Church in any capacity must comply with both the State laws and Diocese policies that govern volunteers.


 In order to comply with Ohio Revised Code 2151.86, all PSR and CGS volunteers must:

  • be fingerprinted AND
  • have a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) background check.

To arrange for fingerprinting and a BCI background check, please call the school office at 614-451-0739


In order to comply with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, and the Best Practices for the Parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, all volunteers must:

  • attend a session of “Protecting God’s Children”, a course in child abuse prevention AND
  • submit proof of such to the parish office AND
  • read, review, and sign the Diocesan Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy.

Click here to learn more about Protecting God's Children, and click here to view a schedule of upcoming scheduled classes in the Diocese. Upon completion, either submit your certificate of completion to the office, or register with the Diocese as a certified volunteer by following the directions here. Click to view copies of the Code of Conduct and the Harassment Policy, or find copies posted on the bulletin board outside the Religious Education Youth Ministry Office.


If you are interested in becoming a Catechist or participating in the Religious Education Program, please contact Rita Marie Feige, MTS, Director of Religious Education at reled@rrohio.com.