"...And we sent Timothy, our Brother and Servant of God in the Gospel of Christ, to strengthen and comfort you in your faith..." I Thessalonians 3:2

Welcome To Our Parish Family!

No matter where you are on your journey in faith, St. Timothy Catholic Church welcomes you. We are a Catholic parish located on the NW side of Columbus, Ohio.


You are invited to

Join us

St. Timothy Church is part of the Diocese of Columbus. The Catholic Church is a colossal family which includes about 1.13 billion people throughout the world. Catholic means "universal" – which means everyone is welcome into the Church. That includes you too, even if you’re not currently a practicing Catholic.

The Church exists to help people develop their relationship with God through the Good News of Jesus Christ. Part of being a Catholic is striving to become better, to become more loving - of ourselves and of one another. Is that a vision you share?

Maybe you've been faithfully practicing the Catholic faith for your entire life, or you are just beginning to explore what it means to be Catholic. 

No matter where you are on your journey in faith, we welcome you.

Some information about registering to be a part of our parish...

We encourage you to register as a parishioner. The more accurate our parish registry is, the better we're able to plan and serve our parish community.

The Diocese uses parish registries to allocate staff and other resources. We use our parish registry to communicate with parishioners, plan for parish needs, simplify donations to the weekly offertory, and to issue end-of-year statements for your tax-deductible contributions to the parish. 

While we'd love it if you decide to call St. Timothy your "home," you're not required to register here to be involved in Alpha, to serve with most parish ministries, or to celebrate the Mass with us. All are welcome! However, we do require registration to receive a sacrament or go through sacramental preparation like RCIA.



1088 Thomas Lane
Columbus, OH, 43220